Adsense Account For Sale With Organic Page Views Software

Why increase your adsense website page views?

As a picture is worth a thousand words, here is a chart that shows the number of page views  per month (blue) since the launch of blog, compared to the earnings I made with Google Adsense advertising (in red) .

Lets keep it simple, the ads are displayed on pages that you have chosen, so the more page views you have, the more your adsense revenue increases.

There is talk of CPM which is cost per thousand views (or thousand impressions).

Google calls it “RPM pages” for revenue per thousand page views.

Now that you know about your page views, i want to introduce a service that i tried before few months. I saw an advertisement on adsense account for sale with some secret softwares and i was seriously interested in it. So i bought their package and i must say, it is an awesome adsense income increasing service. You can navigate to the link that i have shared above to know more about the service they provide.

So if you want to get your adsense account approved, you can try their service.

So make sure you concentrate on these below factors:

  • the estimated revenue for the given period,
  • Your adsense account either you buy it or get it approved yourself, make sure you have a good adsense account to start with.
  • the number of page views containing advertising: it does not necessarily correspond to the total number of page views because you can not put advertising on all pages of our blog,
  • the number of clicks on those ads,
  • the CTR pages , which is the click through rate (Click Through Rate): the number of clicks on the number of impressions (or views).
  • the CPC is Cost Per Click: costs generated for each click (the cents in general).

To maximize your adsense income, you need to increase your website traffic, and you must also increase the  pages/visit with your blog visitors, to increase the number of page views.

You can also play on the number and locations of the banners , which will increase the number of clicks and therefore your adsense earnings. Regarding the CPC, it depends on the theme of your blog and the interests of your readers, so it’s more difficult to play on a particular variable.

I also won € 321.47 through Google Adsense in just over a year.

By the way, in case you did not know, you must declare your earnings to the tax department of your conuntry (either as an individual or as a company), You can look over the following site about the income tax of your adsense account:
And if you have not added any Google Adsense advertising to your site you can contact me personally i can help you in getting you started with the google adsense advertising program.