How to Market Using Facebook with Facebook auto poster group

First, what is social media?

Social media is online content that is created by users of web sites that is very accessible and is able to be disseminated very quickly. Some social media web sites such as MySpace and Facebook combine technologies like photos, videos, blogs, instant messaging and forums into their web sites. The rate at which we communicate information through these sites is extraordinary.

So why market on sites like Facebook?

Online marketers have began to implement social media marketing into their campaigns because of the potential reach. Social media websites are becoming very popular and it seems like almost everyone in the world is a member of at least a few sites. These sites also allow you to make an instant connection with people and easily get your message across.

Your first steps with Facebook

  1. If you don’t already have an account, go sign up for one. All you need is a valid email.
  2. Edit your account settings, (birthday, name, etc..)
  3. Edit your information section (this is important). Here you can add your websites, contact information, etc. This is how people will be able to find you and see your message.
  4. Begin finding friends. Facebook’s software allows you type in your email address(s) and invite people who are on your email contact list. You can also find coworkers, high school students and college students. One of the coolest things about this site is how many old friends and acquaintances you’ll find and be able to reconnect with.
  5. Upload videos and pictures. Pictures and especially video allow you to make instant connections with your viewers. After all, a picture is worth a thousands words and video is pretty self explanatory.
  6. Fill out your about me section. List your credentials, what you do, how you got started, how you can help your readers, etc.

Marketing on Facebook with Facebook auto poster group

  1. The most important thing you must keep in mind is that Facebook is not the only web site you market on. You use Facebook as part of your marketing web. This means that you will connect all of your sites together, therefore making it easier for people to find you and connect with you. Your Facebook auto poster group software does the rest.

  1. Get your message out. You can do this by starting your own group, your status updates, and listing it in your profile.
  2. Provide valuable information for your readers with helpful links and maybe some of your own content.
  3. Join groups and participate in forum discussions.
  4. Post useful information.
  5. Always provide value.
  6. Make yourself easily accessible.
  7. Put a web form on your page. You can do this by typing in ‘profile box’ in the search bar and simply install the application. This will allow you to have people instantly opt-in to your list without leaving your page.
  8. Send people to your website via the status update tool. This tool is great because it allows people to see exactly what your doing and allow you to direct them to places.
  9. Interact with people through email an the instant messaging function. Encourage them to do the same.
  10. Form relationships. After all, most businesses are built on strong relationships and you can do this by using Facebook.
  11. Be yourself. Just be yourself and the rest will follow. People love uniqueness and you can deliver this to them through your page.
  12. Go to groups and add friends. More than likely if you find a group you’re interested in or applies to your business, you will find the same types of people (the perfect prospects).

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Things to remember

    1. Facebook is free so there is price that comes with it. You have to be original and always provide valuable and useful content. Do not spam. Facebook will give you warnings and cancel your account.
    2. Do not attempt to add too many friends per day. Facebook has a limit. Space your friend requests about 3-5 minutes apart.
    3. Be consistent.